I’m Eve, and I have a bit of an obsession with 1930s houses. Ok so this obsession actually only started right about the time I bought a (what do you know) 1930s house.

There are more semi detached 1930s houses than any other kind in England. In the 30s city councils suddenly started building squillions of semi detached houses from the edge of the inner city outwards, creating new suburbs. These semi’s range from gorgeous and quite stately brick creations with stained glass and art deco ironwork fences and gates, to cheap looking and downright hideous things. Ours falls somewhere in the middle.

This is part of our lovely original leaded glass window surrounding our original 30s front door. Ahhhh.


The house itself is nothing special on the outside. We live on a fairly busy road but as we have (what I consider!) one of the best views in Bristol and lots of green-ness out the back, it was a sacrifice we decided we were willing to make. It has a few lovely original features, and some other not so lovely original nightmares (tiny 1930s kitchen on the darkest corner of the house anyone? No? Didn’t think so.)

I would describe my home style as ‘warm clutter’. I can’t do minimalist. Clean lines? Pffft.  If we try to put things away somewhere clever, we only end up getting them out again 5 minutes later. And we’re kind of hoarder-y types. More is More. YASSS!

The biggest lesson I have learnt since owning a house is that making decorating mistakes is awesome. And oh sweet baby jeebus have I made some. The best thing about having your own house is being able to fearlessly make mistakes. Your friends may think you’re mental, you partner may look sideways at things before sighing and deciding to live with it and strangers may politely change the subject, but very few things cannot be fixed. And sometimes it’s only once you’ve made a mistake that the vision of what you DO want crystallises in your mind.

I love finding charity shop furniture, second hand steals on gumtree and cheap tat and fixing them up to look glorious and create a cosy and relaxing home. It’s hard work and we’ve got a long way to go but I lurrve it. 

This is a place for me to record the changes as they happen, see progress (who doesn’t love a ‘before and after’?) and maybe even inspire others as so many blogs have inspired me. Now I just have to find the time to write whilst also working a full time job, doing projects and having a life.

Thanks for dropping by!

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