To-Do List Torment


There is SO much stuff I want to do to this house.

There is stuff I may never get to do to my house due to limitations with time and money and the fact that although we imagine being happy here for quite a few years, this will not be our ‘forever house’.

In the meantime, I have a pretty awesome habit of starting lots of things at once. I’m really trying to stop this cos, oh my god we do not have space for half a dozen unfinished projects cluttering up the place. God knows I’m already bad enough when it comes to getting loads of tools out and not putting them back ‘just in case I need them later’. It’s all fun and games until someone treads on a jigsaw blade.

I look around me as I write this and I can see a drill, an axe (not mine), some offcuts of wood from a bedside table I hacked, a can of spraypaint, a mini paint tray and some Brasso.

I’ll be sharing some of my finished projects here, but there will probably be a fair bit of ‘in progress’ too… I’ve been working on the stair bannister for 22 months, off and on… we moved in 23 months ago for crying out loud. Hold me.

Not everything has been that tortuous though. Stick with’us and you will see progress, te lo prometo!

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