Bedroom Progress

Since we moved in two years ago, our bedroom has come a long way. Not necessarily in the right direction ha!

The people who owned the house before us put in a whole wall of mirror door wardrobes. What. So terrible.

And I also kind of love it. Now don’t worry, I DEFINITELY would not have created a monstrosity such as that myself, but I am kind of stuck with it for the time being, so here are the positives:

  • It reflects mad light – for a north facing room, our room is never dull or gloomy. Basically, it’s super shiny.
  • Sometimes I test my eyesight by trying to read what’s on the billboard at the junction down the road while I’m sitting in bed and it’s reflected in the mirrors… So there’s that.
  • You can see what you look like all the time at every angle in every state of dress or undress and most importantly as soon as you wake up in the morning. Head. To. Toe. (To be honest I have managed to tune the mirrors out a lot of the time thank heavens).
  • I can see what the cat is up to on the landing while I’m sitting in bed.
  • Jamie is convinced we should never, ever get rid of it – I believe he said “it’s a wonderful gift”. I’m not going to elaborate on why…
  • Oh and did I say it’s really really shiny? So shiny.

So, here’s how it looks right now, mirror wall in all it’s glory, after painting the walls and adding floor length curtains. Also, when we moved in, one of the sliding mirror doors was missing, so we actually had to spend money to complete the set again!! FML.


When we moved in the room was a magnolia painted, cigarette stinking, curtainless box. I don’t really have a proper ‘before’ pic but I have a picture from the estate agent from when the house was sold back in 2010. This is before a family of 5 moved in and destroyed the house and garden over the course of 4 years before eventually selling it to us. You can see there was an actually pretty OK-ish wardrobe and the room was a lot more spacious. Also, when the people before us put in the mirrordrobe they left the old chimney breast in there and just wardrobed (definitely a word) right on over it, so a big chunk of the existing wardrobe is just full of chimney anyway! Agh!


I decided to go bold with the colour up here because it’s our own private space, and therefore a good testing ground for stupid paint choices. I actually love the deep emerald green in here (which never quite shows true in pictures). I’m going for a jewel tone palette in here. Emerald walls, sapphire curtains (ok they’re navy, indulge me), turquoise bedside table and a little ruby lamp (although I’m in the market to replace that with something vintage and brassy). I usually go with bold purple or plum bedding (although I admit our favourite bedding is a chambray blue set from John Lewis that is so soft and delightful to sleep in that we call it The Cloud – it just doesn’t look as good – the colour is too insipid in this room).

…really should have ironed that bedding but I didn’t because I don’t hate myself.

This room has a beautiful view of the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. Which helps to detract from a major mistake I made (just one?! you say! Haha). I’m not telling you what that is just yet. Let me fix it first and then I’ll tell. It’s on the list (along with replacing the grim carpet).

Oh and before I go, here’s a pic of the art I have hanging above the bedside table. You can’t actually see it in the pics above, it’s hiding behind the door, but you can see a hint of it in my Ikea Malm Hack post.


I love this piece, and… agh crap… as soon as I remember the name of the artist I will credit her here. I bought this in Wellington at an exhibition at the wonderful Thistle Hall about ten years ago and hauled it back to the UK with me. It’s called ‘Cabaret’. I love it and I think it’s very boudoir. Mwah.

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