Warm Metallic Candle Holders

Brace yourselves my friends, for this is a post about candle holders. Get ready for a wild ride.

It’s the depths of Autumn, so lighting candles in the evening helps to ramp up the cosiness. We went the whole hog about a year ago and got a wood burning stove installed so it’s already pretty cosy up in here. I’ll post about that process soon.

Lately I’ve been eyeing up all manner of metallic gold and brass candlesticks and candle holders. There’s all sorts of goodies on eBay, so I’ve had to exercise severe restraint.

Here’s a set of three I purchased on eBay. I say ‘a set’,  but they’re all slightly different which is far more interesting to look at amirite?

…think that bearded chap has his eye on my Brasso

They were dull and raggedy when I got them but I took to them with the Brasso and they came up pretty sweet. I think I paid £6 for these bad girls. Actually there are four, but I could only be arsed shining up three and I like having an odd number grouped together. Maybe one day when I feel like being symmetrical I’ll shine up the fourth.

…should really have taken this picture when the candles were taller and more elegant but I had them burning when we had people over on bonfire night and I forgot to buy more…

Another set that I love are these geometric guys I got from H&M. I actually had no idea that H&M did such lush homewares (or any homewares for that matter) until I stumbled upon them recently online.


Totally different to the ol’ traditional ones I got from eBay. Very modern, and the geometric thing is super trendy at the moment, but I just think they’re very sweet and I love them enough that I feel they’ll outlive the geometric-everything trend. I’m really not a trendster (you will soon see as you tour my house – not a grey wall in sight). I just think there are purty.

look at that shadow… oooh

And here’s The Trio hanging out by Granny’s lamp and the beautiful print by London based artist Rob Wass, that Jamie got me for my birthday this year (I’m embarrassed to say it hasn’t been hung up yet and is just leaning against the wall on the sideboard. My birthday was in July.)


So that’s it for candles at the mo. I sincerely hope your heart rate returns to normal soon. Its exciting stuff.

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