DIY Sunburst Clock Makeover

Here’s a little post about the mini makeover I did with my new sunburst clock. OK so it’s hardly knocking down a wall, but it’s made one corner of my home that bit easier on the eye.

My home decor preferences are not attached to a specific era. I feel like if was obsessed with a specific decor or furniture style and styled my entire house that way, I’d get sick of it and have to replace everything. I much prefer an eclectic mix of stuff from charity shops, eBay, Gumtree etc with the odd new bit thrown in, budget permitting.

Now, I’m a bit of a brown-o-phobe, so, apart from natural wood, I have very little brown in my decor. I much prefer green, red, gold, orange, cream.  Ew that sounds like Christmas just exploded all over the place when I put it like that.

I’d wanted a big clock for ages for the recess to the right of the chimney breast. We had a teeny little clock there that used to sit on the no-longer-existing mantle piece and I got a bit used to it, but it looked silly really. Too small, and kinda cheap.  I wanted something that was more of a statement. POW.

I’ve always loved sunburst / starburst (which is it guys? Or are they two different things?) clocks and mirrors, and there are some truly exquisite and elegant modern ones out there, but when came upon this mid century Anstey & Wilson one, I loved it’s clunky charm. I got it for a total bargain because the winder thing on the back is broken, so you have to take the faceplate off to change the time. No big. There are ones the same on eBay for £100-£145 and I got mine for about £45.


I wouldn’t call it elegant, but it makes me feel kind of cosy when I look at it. It’s brass and teak, and the teak is a very 60s orangey-brown. Hmmm.

So (people will possibly scream at their computers when reading this) I decided to spray paint it gold. I wouldn’t be the first victim of my paint-can trigger-happy finger, and it won’t be the last.

And to be fair (to myself), I did live with it brown for over 2 months, so I gave it a chance, I really did.

Here it is again, before in it’s mid century glory.


So first, I taped over the face and then I hit it with my Montana gold spray paint.


I swear, this spray paint is amazing. It actually feels silky coming out of the can. I don’t know what it is, is the can just better? Or is the paint a better texture? I dunno. Probably both. It’s sooo good.

This stuff rules.


I few light coats and it was looking beauuuutiful.


Once the spray paint dried I took to it with the rub’n buff in Antique Gold AND in Spanish Copper (yep, I’m not messing about here) to give it some depth and make it look less glitzy / more antiquey.


I tried first with just the Antique Gold but it needed the copper to add a slightly tarnished look. I sort of mixed the two colours together and highlighted with gold in the middle and used he copper more on the edges and the middle of the rays. This dulled it down a bit and I think has made it more acceptable as I’ve not had Jamie whingeing about it. (He was adamant I should leave it as is when I first mentioned blinging it up).


Weirdly, instead of being ‘POW!’, it now seems to meld in a lot better. I think it was because the brown was really jarring to me and it always caught my eye. Not in a good way. It just seems a lot more at home now.


Unfortunately it’s been too dark and gloomy to get a proper pic of the whole corner in daylight. Bring on the fricken spring so I’m not leaving and coming home in the dark every day and actually have time for natural light photos after work instead of scrambling to try and take everything at the weekend.


Hopefully I can get a proper pic this weekend. It hangs just above green velvet Parker Knoll chair that I posted about on Instagram last night and that the cat (and the boyfriend) has properly fallen in love with.

Is anyone else out there a gold spray paint addict like me? I’d love to hear from you. Bloggers luuurve comments. Or, message me on instagram @littlegoldvase.

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4 thoughts on “DIY Sunburst Clock Makeover

  1. Oh wow, I love the clock!!! And you’ve done an amazing job, it really is beautiful. It instantly reminded me of a tattoo. I can only imagine all of the wonderful treasures you find in the UK compared with what we see in little ol NZ.


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