We’re Finally Using the Dining Room again!

Oof… that was an aggressively cheerful title.

Just a little update on how the dining room is looking. We have finally put it back it together after taking up the carpet and sanding the floorboards.

First just a little reminder of before with the old beige carpet:


And now:

dining room 1

There are still a lot of things I want to change in this room, primarily the curtains and the lampshade. The rug is just a temporary measure – I got it for 9 fricken pounds from Next Clearance. NINE. POUNDS. And I actually quite like it (or maybe I’m just blinded by the bargain). Let’s see just how temporary it ends up being… I have very little other blue stuff in this room (apart from the plant pot on top of the bookshelf) and I know many would say chevrons have had their day as a pattern for furnishings, but I like the extra slightly chaotic element it adds for now.

dining room after 6

We are super happy with the floor. Aaaaaand we can do sock slides now.

Also, whilst we were pulling all the furniture out to do the floor I had a little shuffle of the furniture because we just had too much stuff in here. Still do really, but now it is all a lot more balanced.

I moved a lovely old table given to Jamie by his parents out into the front room next to the chimney breast – it houses my DJ stuff and the hi-fi. I also shifted the bookshelf into the corner by the back doors.

dining room after 2
Pineapple bookends from Primark and a halloween candle Jamie picked up a few years ago.

I moved the sideboard into the middle of the wall. Pity I couldn’t be arsed to move that painting yet – see – I just tried to balance it out with the lamp to avoid centring it. LAZY. I actually hate putting up picture hooks. I always manage to mess it up and bend the nails / gouge a massive hole in the plaster / hang them wonky. So the less I have to do of those the better.

dining room after 9


dining room after 10

Soooo that’s the dining room currently.

We’ve had new carpet put down in the front room too now, and I’m very excited about the difference that has made so I will post about that soon.

Til then, come find me on instagram or leave a comment here to say hi and let me know what you think of the wooden floor vs. the carpet!

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