A Great Weekend (just not for DIY)…

Sunday night (yes, I know it’s now Thursday) 8pm I was in bed. The early night just might have something to do with the brunch.

Yep, but not just any brunch – totally effing epic bottomless tapas and cava brunch at Pata Negra in Bristol. We were celebrating my lovely friend Gee’s birthday and also her and her partner Tom’s engagement (they got engaged on her birthday last week).

Brunch was wonderful and I would highly recommend it even though I was left feeling seedy AF once the fun wore off. Apparently you have to book way in advance and they only do the bottomless thing every few months.

I didn’t take any of my own pictures because I was too busy drinking. 

Image from Pata Negra‘s website.

Anyway, needless to say that after 5 of us nailed SEVEN* bottles of wine (animals, I know) the rest of the day has been a total write-off.

I had literally just the previous day wrote the list to end all lists – a room by room breakdown on what needed doing in the house. It was epic and it got me all motivated for about 5 minutes.

list to end all lists

Then brunch happened. And I was super motivated for that too.

Anyway, back to the list, my major goal is to try and get the hallway / stairs / landing finished by Christmas. I know that might not seem like much of a goal, but there is some serious sanding and painting that needs to happen and I can’t do it on my own so I need to time it with when I can pin Jamie down. Might possibly need actual pins for that.

Another major goal is to try not to drink so much wine any Sunday soon/ever.

Here’s a pic of the landing from a while back (not much has changed since). Bannister still needs to be finished (when? WHEN?!) and poo brown carpet is going (this weekend fingers crossed) and floor needs to be sanded. Walls and woodwork need to be painted and the doors up here need to be de-varnished somehow. Would love to get them dipped but I will have to see how much that costs.


Then I need to spend some time making it pretty with art, lighting and furniture. Oh and figure out a way to disguise the cat’s litter tray (not pictured). Progress to follow.

Anyone else have Christmas as a deadline for a project around the house?

*Pata Negra if you’re reading this we continued to drink after we left, it wasn’t ALL your wine we scoffed o_O

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