Quick Hallway Update

Sorry, can’t stop to chat, I’ve got a hallway that needs doing. I am so close with this guys, but there are still quite a few things to tick off:

1. Finish painting the woodwork (architraves, door frames, skirting boards etc) – I have done the landing but not the downstairs. I’d forgotten how much of a difference crisp, fresh white, non chipped door frames and skirting boards make. It really brings out the paint colour too, even though the walls are super neutral (apart from one navy wall at the top of the stairs), it just makes everything much more defined. And crisp. Did I say crisp? Mostly really crisp. 

For those hard to reach places…

2. Paint the doors. This is kind of a big one. On the landing and downstairs there are 9 doors (not including the doors on the under stairs cupboard). Amongst these 9 doors are 5 different colours right now!!! I’m planning to get this down to 2, maybe three – ideally all doors upstairs the same colour and then all doors downstairs different from upstairs but the same as each other, except for the original 1930s front door which I may paint a different colour. I’m thinking dark doors on the landing and light coloured doors downstairs. I’m not normally a fan of painting over wood, in fact I seem to spend half my life stripping paint off wood, but the doors upstairs are not original, nor are they old or particularly nice. They are solid wood though, which is why I got them – they replaced some truly terrible hollow flimsy, crappy doors – the type a burly toddler could punch through sober.

landing doors

3. Paint(?) the hall table: Bought this cute pine console on Gumtree recently. It’s the perfect size for the landing but it verrry orangey. I’m thinking either strip it back to raw wood and oil it, or maybe paint it a sexy charcoal colour.  This will probably be one of the the last things I do in here. I think once I paint the doors it will be more obvious which colour will be best.

hall table

4. Finish the stair panels… somehow… I have wallpapered the ones on the landing, but it was such a faff that the thought of doing the other side and all the way down booth sides to the botton of the stairs fills my heart and soul with dread and despair. But it would look MINT.

wallpapered stair panels

5. Lighting –  I’m so stumped on even what lampshades to choose. Also, the downstairs hall light doesn’t even work and hasn’t for a long, long time.

6. Hang things! I want to get some mirrors, hang art and photos and this adorable brass peacock I bought for our keys. You know, the fun stuff which means you’re nearly done. 


Right now though, I’m just enjoying clean, freshly painted walls for a minute. More on that when I’m done and am ready to do the full hallway / stairs revamp post which will include before and after shots.

Next I just need to convince J that we need to pull up the carpet in the bedrooms… Don’t be afraid of RUGS, MAAAAN!!

I post on Instagram rather more frequently than I post here so check out more pics over there if you’re interested.

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