Painting the Landing Doors Black

I’m back!

Disclaimer: I did this project a while ago (I’m not telling how long ago but I will say it wasn’t in 2019) but my blog has been dormant so I’m going to do try and do some catch-up posts.

painted black landing doors 2
Freshly painted black doors. Please be so kind as to avert your eyes from the cat pooper scooper.

Weirdly, the landing was one of the things that really made me want to buy our house, when we first looked at it in 2014. I think we’d looked at so many narrow little Victorian terraced house, that the relatively spacious landing of this 1930s beaut was an immediate winner.

I spent sooooooooo long deciding what to do with the four doors upstairs off the landing. I was originally looking to paint them a dark charcoal or off-black but I just couldn’t find the colour I wanted. I looked everywhere which included making the woman at B&Q get one of those hydraulic thingees to check the very back of the top shelf.

I started looking at lots of before and after pics of doors painted black so in the end I grabbed a tin of plain old black paint, a brush and some mini foam rollers and went for it.

You’d think I’d painted enough things to not to make basic blunders, but apparently not.

First up, I was like ‘primer be damned!’. Bad decision. The doors I didn’t prime took THREE coats to look right FML. I did scuff them down with sandpaper before starting, but they were just too varnishy. A classic case of laziness totally not paying off and causing more work in the long run. 

painting pine doors black
No primer. d’oh.

Second mistake, I chose satin finish. After painting the first door it looked so bloody shiny, so I hustled back out out and got myself load of eggshell and redid it which was SO MUCH BETTER. Eggshell is the least shiny next to matt – it just has a very low sheen but is still wipe-able and durable.

Colours One coat Black Eggshell Wood & metal paint 750 ml
The reviews of this are really terrible! I actually found the thickness of it quite good *shrug*

So, here is what the doors looked like before:

pine landing doors before painting 2

And from the other angle:

pine landing doors before painting 1

And after:

black painted doors 2
That blue wall looks quite different now but I will post about that another time.

painted black landing doors 1

black painted doors

I’m super happy with the result. It’s so much easier on the eyes than the orangey varnished pine from before. Jamie wasn’t so sure but I think he’s used to it now. I do actually want to paint everything black now though. I need to try and curb that because it takes quite a lot of hard work to paint over black paint, so I need to be super sure!

What do you think? Looking good or too much black for you?

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